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Midsummer Feast on 21st June

We had a lovely evening on Tuesday at our ‘Midsummer Feast’ at the Glen Mhor Hotel’s Waterside building. This was the meal which was originally scheduled for prior to Christmas last year but had to be delayed because of COVID. There were about 25 of us there (and Lyra, Mo McQuarrie’s assistance dog), and it was great to meet and have a chance to chat with one another.

The meal was followed by an Open Mic, expertly hosted by author and HighlandLIT member Merryn Glover. Merryn topped and tailed the session with atmospheric readings from each of the two novels she has published to date – Askival and Of Stone and Sky. In between we heard from Malcolm Timperley, Marina Gertsen, Penelope Hamilton, Scott Fraser reading a poem by Timski who was sadly unable to attend due to COVID, Anne Mary Paterson, Mark Williams and John Dempster (who read from his memoir Choosing Joy, published this month).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the evening a success: Mark, Merryn, the HighlandLIT Committee and the team at the Glen Mhor. As they say, we’ll need to do it all again sometime……..


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