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HighlandLIT events are held on the third Tuesday of each month, 6.30-8.30pm at the Hanover Room at the Glen Mhor Hotel, Ness Bank, Inverness


Please note that HighlandLIT events at the Glen Mhor Hotel are currently cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic during which public events cannot be held. Regular meetings will resume when we are told that it is once again safe to come together. In the meantime, please see the Home Page for news of the on-line alternative, HighlandLIT on-line. 

16th June - Open Mic - this event will be delivered on Zoom. See Home Page for details at how to attend this live event

21st July – Author Event – Member’s showcase with Terry Grigg and James Andrew


Terry will be speaking about Terry's Travels Vol 2: A Scam in the Ashram He writes:


A Scam in the Ashram, the second volume in the Terry's Travels series, is all about the Indian subcontinent.


From the lamas of Ladakh in the Himalaya to the Sikhs of Amritsar, the Jains of Jodhpur, the Muslims of Mahasthangarh, the Christians of Kerala and monks and holy men just about everywhere, not to mention the clowning Atsaras of Bhutan. And from staring up at the highest point on earth to wandering along the seashore on a crowded Sri Lankan beach.

It presents an eclectic mix of sadhus, saints, Sunnis, sinners, spirituality and scams; and tales of bureaucracy, baksheesh and the Buddha. The timeline for the book goes back to 1994, starting in Delhi and finishing in Tibet. The book pulls no punches. It is a sardonic look at humanity and the world with no Pollyanna gloss, and may well be the most controversial book you will ever read - certainly the most controversial travel book. Enjoy the journey. Now time to get some Delhi Belly...


My book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats.

James will be speaking about his poetry collection, The City That Moved.  He writes:


This is a book which should complement Terry’s, as it is also a travel book. The difference is that it is a book of travel poetry. The book is called The City That Moved and is about the poet’s experiences in Turkey where he lived and worked for some time, particularly in Istanbul, which is a busy city of about fifteen million people and one thing that struck James was that the city was constantly on the move. Wherever you looked there was movement: people, cars, buses, lorries, even ships (on the Bosphorous) – different people etc obviously, but always movement, - and he evokes this in his collection. The book also ranges in theme from moments spent looking out at the Bosphorous when you could have felt you were merging into the landscape, to portraits of Turkish people, a reaction to terrorist bombings, and an evocation of the wonderful variety of Turkish cats that he saw on the streets there.


The book is published by Dionysia Press, a Scottish poetry publisher.

18th August – Multi-media presentations/workshop on new book – Calum Maclean – Inverness  Architecture and Conservation. Calum will use this newly-published history of the architecture of Inverness, from pre-history to the current day - which reveals a story of drama and intrigue that few people will be famiiar with - to share insights into his research techniques.

15th September – Open Mic

20th October – Author Event on the theme of Storytelling  featuring Morven May Macallum and others. This even co-incides with the Scottish Story Telling Fesival

17th November – Writing Workshop - Cathy McSporran  Good Beginnings: how to hook your reader's attention from the very first sentence. This event co-incides with Book Week Scotland.

15th December – Festive Open Mic

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