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Open HighlandLIT writing competition on the Book Week Scotland theme - 'Celebration'

Very soon we’ll be announcing a HighlandLIT writing competition – with prizes – based on this year’s Book Week Scotland theme ‘Celebration.’ You’ll be asked to submit a short piece of writing over the summer, and the winners will be invited to read their piece at a HighlandLIT event during Scottish Book Week on Tuesday 16th November at 6.30pm. We hope this will be an 'in person’ event, but we will also be broadcasting it live on-line. This is our own, local, Highland version of Book Week Scotland’s national quest for ‘Celebration’ stories. All entries will be published on the HighlandLIT web site. There will be a £5 entry fee.

To get you thinking, here are the Book Week Scotland ‘Celebration’ strands:

Celebration Theme Strands

We have developed five strands for Celebration that we hope will encourage a variety of responses. You may want to use these as inspiration for your own piece should any resonate strongly with you.

Celebrating You – tell us about the personal achievements that mean something to you and what makes them important. It could be something small, like your perfect folding technique, or a more significant moment of achievement in your life that helped you grow.

How We Celebrate – what celebration rituals do you have with your family, partner, and friends? How did they start, how do they make you feel, why do they matter? Has lockdown reinforced how important these communal celebrations are?

Celebrating Others – tell us about someone you think deserves to be celebrated – what makes them special, what have they done, what do they mean to you?

Where I Was When We Celebrated – what do you remember about a defining moment of communal celebration. It could be VE day, the Moon Landing, the legalisation of gay marriage, or another event we celebrated together as a community. Where were you, who were you with and why was it important to mark that moment of celebration?

What Would You Like to Celebrate? – coming out of 2020, what moments of change worth celebrating are you hoping for? These could be personal, universal or anything in-between!

While it was a tumultuous year, highlighting the scale of injustices across the world, it gave us time to reflect on the things that are important, both to ourselves and those around us. So, whether it’s finally being able to conquer that 5k run or raising awareness of wider social issues, we want to know what you would like to celebrate.

You can read about Book Week Scotland here.


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