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On-line Open Mic

Last night was our first HighlandLIT on-line Open Mic! We weren’t sure how it would go – would we miss too much the rapport generated from being in the same room together? Would the technology work?

In fact, I thought it was an excellent hour. There were 22 people present in all, of whom 9 of us read a wonderful variety of poems and prose pieces. There was a sense, I think, that in these locked-down days the opportunity to share together was particularly valued. We had a participant from Argyll, and another from Lewis.

I found some of the work we heard deeply moving – there were powerful poems (we explored for example the experiences of childlessness and coming face-to-face with our own aging) reflections on the impact of coronavirus on our lives and society, satire, an essay about books and bookcases, and one about human nature and climate change.

Thanks to everyone to attended, everyone who read. Thanks to Paul who perceptively chaired the event with his usual aplomb; Cathy who set up the Zoom meeting; and Jayne who managed bookings.

We are planning to keep delivering HighlandLIT on line until such times as we are able to meet together again in person. Watch the newsletter and web-site for news of the next event!


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