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Writing for children, led by Barbara Henderson

We had a great session at HighlandLIT last night from the irrepressible Barbara Henderson, who gave us a very detailed, practical guide to writing for children. She covered the challenging journey to first publication (she herself wrote six novels and had 124 rejections before Fir for luck was accepted), the writing and publishing process, and post-publication promotion, including blog tours, and the events and school visits which are essential both to encouraging sales, and to ensuring an income for the author.

Her advice was excellent, and grounded in experience, but what made her presentation so successful was Barbara’s warm, open personality as she encouraged us as fellow-members in the family of writers. If writing for children is what ‘floats your boat’, then do it, write and rewrite and never, never give up.

Thank you, Barbara, for your inspirational presentation – and all the best for your next title, which launches at Waterstones on 31st October!


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