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A great open mic night.......

It was HighlandLIT’s quarterly ‘Open Mic’ night on Tuesday – and this time we actually had a microphone, courtesy of funding from the Inverness Common Good fund.

It was, as always, a great evening. We heard 17 people reading their work - poems, prose, memoir, fantasy. There was room for humour, the macabre and at times a prophetic denunciation of social inequality.

I felt privileged simply to sit and listen to so much fine work – some of the pieces were unforgettable. As always I was impressed by people’s friendliness, by the sense that, whether published or yet-to-be-published we were equals in the craft and delight of writing, and by the respectful appreciation shown to everyone who took part.

We meet to appreciate good writing, to learn together, and to encourage one another in our craft – it seems to me that Tuesday night exemplified the ethos of HighlandLIT.

Thanks to everyone who took part! There’ll be another Open Mic night in September. Everyone welcome!


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