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Joanna Corrance

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Joanna Corrance is a writer and lawyer living near Inverness. She studied law at The University of Edinburgh before moving back to the Highlands of Scotland where she was brought up. Her interests in writing and literature include Gothic horror, dark fantasy, thriller and science fiction. In her spare time she enjoys illustrating and playing the violin and piano.


Joanna is the author of John's Eyes which will be released in February 2021 by Luna Press. You can pre-order it now from Waterstones or Amazon.


More information about Joanna and her work can be found here.  Luna Press describe John’s Eyes, and then quote Joanna regarding the book’s origins:

John's Eyes is a SF novella. John's eyes were manufactured with the purpose of providing sight to those who have lost it. Equipped with the ability to learn, the eyes develop a sense of responsibility to ensure John's happiness. John's eyes strive to please and with the power to enhance everything that John sees, they soon realise that they are able to manipulate his images. With a skewed sense of emotional intelligence combined with unquestioning loyalty to John, the actions of John's eyes lead to devastating consequences.

Joanna said about the novella:

"John's Eyes' was inspired by a conversation I had with my dad who is a photographer. He described the differences between what the human eye sees compared to what the camera sees and explained to me that a beautiful image to the eye does not necessarily translate into a beautiful photograph. This got me thinking, with technology and artificial intelligence improving all the time, will there ever be a camera that is sophisticated enough to replace the human eye? Most of the images we see are already enhanced by filters or photo manipulation. What if our eyes could do that for us?"

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