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Jeff Zycinski

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Inverness-based Jeff Zycinski is author of two books, both published by The Lunicorn Press


In The Red Light Zone, he recounts his career in broadcasting, including his first job at Moray Firth Radio and his 12 years in charge of BBC Radio Scotland.


His follow-up, Travels from my Twilight Zone, describes his childhood in Glasgow and family adventures touring Scotland in a dodgy Dormobile. 


He recalls life as the youngest of eight children born to a Scottish mother and Polish father. The book also deals with his life after leaving the BBC and how a routine dental appointment led to nine hours of life-saving surgery. His recovery in an intensive care unit coincided with the first news of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Jeff is an award-winning public speaker, occasional stand-up comedian and now manages the Partnerships for Wellbeing charity that provides community transport in Inverness and Health Walks across the inner Moray Firth area.


Jeff believes walking – alone or with a group – refreshes the brain and the body and does wonders for any writer. He recommends forest walking for that extra boost of creative energy.

Jeff's web site is at:

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