Jayne Austin

'Making new friends' - Cape Point, South Africa

My passion for reading began at an early age when it became a means of escapism from a fundamentalist upbringing. This engendered a commitment to free speech, and I value the aims of HighlandLIT to bring together people and books in a safe and inclusive environment.

I grew up with friends from different continents which led to a natural curiosity about other cultures and a desire to travel far and wide.


I’ve been privileged to see some beautiful places around the world; my adopted Highlands is where I found sanctuary amidst the Lochs and Mountains.

My favourite poet is: ‘Giacomo Leopardi’, an outsider who suffered for his Art and was an enviable Freethinker. I enjoy reading about inspiring people who overcome obstacles, whether personal or literal, large or small, on their journey through Life.

I have read my slam poetry at Open Mic nights. I Blog about the books I read, and I’m currently editing my first novel. I occasionally lead the monthly Book Club at Waterstones. When I’m not writing, researching or planning my next trip; I work part-time in Marketing and curate a small Gallery.

Jayne's web site is here.

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