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Highland Lights Anthology is published.......

Highland Lights cropped FRONT COVER FINA

We are delighted to announce the publication of Highland Lights.  It features 25 pieces of writing, both poems and prose, and  includes both the prizewinning entries in HighandLIT's 2018 writing competition, and pieces commended by the judging panel. Entries were received from people of a wide range of age groups, and from a geographic area that included Inverness, Skye, Cromarty, Fochabers and the USA.  


The winning entries were selected by Helen Sedgwick (author of The Comet Seekers and The Growing Season) from a shortlist drawn up by the judging panel which was comprised of HighlandLIT committee members

Highland Lights Image Mashup.jpg

Highland Lights also includes illustrations by Drew Hillier - see examples to the right and below.

Highland Lights, edited by Paul Shanks  ISBN 9781912270354

Price: £6.00 (plus £1.50 p&p when ordered on-line.); Members pay £5.00 when purchasing at HighlandLIT meetings

Winners receive one free copy, and pay full price for subsequent copies.

Contributors receive one copy at half cover price  - £3.00 - and pay full  price for subsequent copies. To obtain a copy for £3.00 as a contributor, please to pay £4.50 (£3.00  plus £1.50 p&p ) into the HighlandLIT bank account by BACS, giving your name as the reference. Then email us at telling us you have done this, and giving us your address.  Bank sort code  87-39-07 Account number  71821960

Everyone attending the Christmas social can buy the anthology for £5.00 with no limit to the quantity purchased.

Highland Lights Washingline Moniack Mhor
Highland Lights Storm Barbara.jpg
Highland Lights Raven Rout.jpg

HighlandLIT Chair Paul Shanks writes on the back cover of Highland Lights:

The collection you have before you is thematically rich in subject matter.


There are tales of exile, of homecoming and rural life in the Highland.  There are also stories of childhood reminiscence. 


Other pieces in the collection explore landscape and language, the interface of urban and natural worlds, birth, death, paperweights, guilt pangs, tatoos and our notoriously inclement weather.


Many of the pieces included also have the power to haunt the reader through deft word choice, and arresting imagery.'

Illustrations from the top. Washing Line, Moniack Mhor which accompanies the poem of the same name by Robert Hume. The Raven, which accompanies Substitute by Morgan Sinclair; Storm Barbara, which accompanies  Helen Moore's poem Gifts from Storm Barbara.

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