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Hazel Urquhart

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First in Winter

(after the first line of DRYAD by Seán Hewitt)

She was covered in snow when I saw her
crystalised eyes reflected life back at me

frozen in winter and stillness of time
flurries settled serenely adorning her crown

solid shimmering vision captivated my soul
harsh reality softened, beautiful to behold

crimson seeped into white emptying life
I watched the light fade leaving darkness behind

my first glimpse of death childish wonder refined
I still think of her often, picture-perfect till the end.

Hazel Urquhart is a poet and writer based in the highlands of Scotland. She likes her writing to reflect everyday life, highlighting the importance of kindness and compassion, not only towards others, but also ourselves. Her work explores mental health, body-image, and relationships, subjects she believes need to be discussed in an open and honest way.


Hazel is also a mature student in her third year studying BA (Hons) Creative Writing with the University of the Highlands & Islands. Whilst poetry is her first love, she also enjoys writing short fiction and has been published in Northwords Now and the Scottish Book Trust's 2019 Anthology, The Blether. Her poetry has also been published online with Poetry in Public.

Tethered by Hazel Urquhart

There is a leaf, tethered
to the tree outside my window;
barely holding on.
One strong gust

and she’ll be gone.

I watch, enthralled,

she is anchored
by what appears

thin air.

She is stronger

than she looks.
Stronger than the branch
to which she clings.


One subtle movement

reveals her desire

to be free

she is held, only  

by a filigree of hope;
it is the branch

who can’t let go.

I suffer loss

for them both.

Connect with Hazel on-line: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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