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Hazel MacMillan

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I was born and educated in Dunfermline, Fife.  I reached the dizzy heights of a ‘School Librarian’ Still have my Librarian badge! Studied Library and Information Science, and enjoyed not only working within libraries, and later found it also helped considerably, when I owned a second-hand bookshop.


My best education was dealing with the public, researching and understanding the physical properties of books, printing and repairing.


Poetry and poets run through my family. As a child, I was the ‘story-teller’. Enjoy all dialects, regardless of borders, our languages, old dictionaries of forgotten words, and of course, writing. Would love to learn some Welsh, as my son-in-law who lives in the Highlands has some excellent sayings.


Diving into poetry, enjoy researching for a subject that seems to make itself known, HighlandLIT  is an excellent platform for hearing other folk’s writing, opening our minds to understand. It still amazes me how we can all create something original and meaningful, with words.

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