Graham Bullen

Graham spent the thirty-plus years of his working life in the oil and gas industry, first as a librarian and information manager and then, encouraged by one of his more inspirational bosses, moved into the world of business improvement and leadership coaching. By the end of his career, he delivered or coached others on over five hundred local, regional and global business projects, and trained many other practitioners. He wishes he had started his career with the same listening and questioning skills that he ended with, if only to reduce the number and severity of self-inflicted wounds across the years.


In 2011, he and his wife Joanne relocated to the Highlands, after spells living and working in Aberdeen and London, and now live in the village of Invermoriston, arguably enjoying the worst mobile phone coverage in Western Europe, but able to exploit in return their proximity to the mountains and hills of the West and North West Highlands.


When offered the chance of an early end to work in 2016, Graham grasped it tightly, deciding to finally pursue his long-held but dormant fantasy of being a writer.


He began his first novel, The Quarant, in the summer of 2017, pushing all work-related knowledge out of his head to make room for the infinitely more interesting world of 14th century Venice, in which the book takes place. The Quarant will be published in October 2020.


Graham completed his second novel, The Broch, at the end of 2019. Set in the Outer Hebrides, it tells of a week in the life of a grieving man determined to honour the memory of his deceased wife by going through with a holiday on Harris booked prior to her death.

He has just commenced work on his next book, focussing on the growing rivalries within a family staging puppet shows around 16th century Sicily.


When not writing, Graham enjoys driving to and scaling the Munro’s with Joanne and avoiding, whenever possible, the obligation to participate in any form of Scottish Country Dancing. His favourite evenings are spent binge-watching HBO dramas or reading the masterful words of other writers. In either case, a dram is rarely far from his side.

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