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Terry Grigg

Terry Grigg

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Terry Grigg is a writer, world traveller, environmental and social campaigner, gardener and anti-natalist. He’s worked in an animal sanctuary, a garden centre and plant nursery, various conservation projects and been involved in Green politics and charities. For much of the past twenty years or so, Terry has travelled across all the continents apart from Antarctica, spending many months and years on the road. Over-landing from Nairobi to Cape Town, backpacking through South-East Asia, with a Government guide in North Korea or a trek in the Annapurna; just some of his adventures.

His first book Backpacking with a Bunion, about his trip around South-East Asia was published in 2008. The first volume of Terry’s Travels Orcland to the Ottomans was published in 2016 and traces a journey from New Zealand through Australia, Eastern Asia and the Silk Road to Turkey. The second volume, A Scam in the Ashram, about the Indian subcontinent was published in January 2020. He is currently working on his book about Africa, through 18 countries from the Canaries to Cape Town.

A Scam in the Ashram covers the countries of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. From the lamas of Ladakh in the Himalaya to the Sikhs of Amritsar, the Jains of Jodhpur, the Muslims of Mahasthangarh, the Christians of Kerala, the clowning Atsaras of Bhutan and monks and holy men just about everywhere. And from staring up at the highest point on earth to wandering along the seashore on a crowded Sri Lankan beach. It presents an eclectic mix of sadhus, saints, Sunnis, sinners, spirituality and scams; and tales of bureaucracy, baksheesh and the Buddha. The timeline for the book goes back to 1994, starting in Delhi and finishing in Tibet. The book pulls no punches. This is a sardonic look at humanity and the world with no Pollyanna gloss, and may well be the most controversial book you will ever read - certainly the most controversial travel book. Enjoy the journey. Now time to get some Delhi Belly...

​Here’s what four Amazon reviewers have to say about Terry’s work: ‘The author’s dry humour makes the whole experience very real, and the insights into environmental concerns are highlighted.’ ‘The author manages to bring alive the places he visits, with interesting factual narrative.’ ‘Breaking free from the typical book narrative, this travel memoir and personal journey is written with raw honesty, humour, substance and research, making it an intriguing and a compelling read from start to finish.’ ‘His observations are eye opening and reflective. You may not agree with all of his insight, but you will look at the world differently having read them.’

​When not travelling, Terry is at home just outside Inverness writing or gardening.

Note: All of Terry’s books can be purchased via Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Terry can be contacted through his Facebook Page: or his website.

His Amazon page is here.

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