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Sonya Davda

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Contact & Social Media:

Instagram: @sonyadavdawriter


Sonya Davda is a British author. Her short story, A Harsh Winter was first published in the online journal Riverbabble in 2009. Her flash fiction, Calmly Amidst it All, was published in RiPPLE, vol 5, by Kingston University Press in 2009.

Born in Yorkshire, England in 1979, she has an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University, London. Sonya had a career in journalism and arts administration for over ten years in London.


Since 2015 she has lived in the Isle of Skye, Scotland where she is currently working on her debut novel, and a collection of writings including poetry and short stories from 1996-2021, to be published in 2022.

Reviewers’ comments:


Rachel Cusk – award-winning author of Saving Agnes and Arlington Park:

“Sonya is at her best in prose...It may be that this, in fact, is her voice: forlorn, frank, delicate.”

Jonathan Barnes – Freelance writer and author of Dracula’s Child and The City of Dr Moreau:

“Sonya has a real flair for language and of the use of unusual imagery in particular...Hers is a highly distinctive voice, full of promise.”

Dr Wendy Vaizey – Author and academic:

“Fluent, stylish and atmospheric writing.”

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