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Meg Macleod

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List of awards/




Theatre cloud Flash fiction short-listed and read by a professional actor online. (c2016)


The Brothers Gunn Poem published in Northwords Now 2016


Rebel  1st prize - Glasgow Women`s Library Short Story Competition, 2018


2 poems in FortyVoices Strong  an anthology of contemporary Scottish poems edited by Patrick Moran published by Grayson Books, 2019


2 poems - Aspects of Blue in Island and Sea (2019) and Aspects of Blue in City Town and Village 2020  (Scottish Writers’ Centre Chapbooks)


Survival poem short-listed a Hammond House international writing competition, published (along with two illustrations by Meg) in the anthology Survival by Hammond House Publishing  2021.


The Collection 1st prize in the prose section of HighlandLIT’s 2021 writing competition.


the beautiful grey  3rd prize in the poetry section of HighlandLIT’s 2021 writing competition


I love you -  short story shortlisted for Edinburgh flash fiction award. Published in A meal for a man in tails 2021 by Scottish Book Trust


The Black Feather poem in Beautiful -in the eye of the beholder  an anthology published 2022 by Sweetycat Press

Stardust short-listed poem in Hammond House publication Stardust,  published 2022 also including some illustrations for some of the poems


Poems and stories in Caithness Writers Anthologies, Beyond the Mist (2015) and Stacks  (2018)


My own publication: Raven Songs: poems by Meg Macleod available from

Poems from the play  the little yellow bird


By Meg Macleod


you did not tell me about love

the uncut diamond shape of it

when I was lonely in the ocean of childhood

you could have told me about the war

about the soldier

before I fell into his grief

before I found him

hanging from the gibbet tree


teach me I asked her

teach me now

about love

begin somewhere else

my mother said

let us work our way backwards

let us begin with sorrow

from here you see everything

from where the rose opens

to betrayal

you see smiles and laughter

hesitations at the crossroads

decisions and consequences


I was born south of Hadrian`s Wall in a small town in the heart of the England`s `Industrial Black Country`. The red brick suffocation imprinted on me the feeling of being `a fish out of water.`


The years eventually took me to British Columbia - to Vancouver Island,  a land of water and trees and multicultural influences. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree there in the University of Victoria and discovered the joy of philosophy and poetry.


The North Coast of Scotland became my home in 1974. I earned my living designing and making embroidered garments and doing `home help’, in between offering a vegetarian B&B (before the crazy world of North Coast 500) Those were transformative years. A land so ancient and remote, where there was nowhere else to go but inwards. My writing began here, inspired by the solitude and the landscape.


Intervening years birthed my family. And loss. My writing resumed in earnest after the death of my husband in 2014. Everything from year zero to the end of 2017 is held within the pages of my book of poems that I published in 2017,  Raven Songs


My mentor for  years of writing has been George Gunn. His keen eye always asking for more from the script. He mended broken wings to help the little yellow bird fly. I owe him a debt of gratitude.


There are poems still to publish, hundreds…..I enjoy sharing them ..the connection with others is the reason I write.


As Charlotte Bronte said ‘I`m just going to write because I cant help it’.  That just about sums it up.


By Meg Macleod


the robin gave me his song


not the lilting anthem of the lark

not the raucous piercing of the gull

not the joyous love song of the blackbird

not the sweet  trembling from the willow warbler

not the busy chattering of the sparrow


none of these.


the robin gave me a song of courage.


(From Raven Songs)

look south

where love dies in the trenches

do you see the fields of Flanders

do you see the mud where poppies seeded

look again

do you see the meadows

where the poppies flourish

each petal a letter home

turn and look northwards

where sorrow is a song

around the shoulders of the people


only by its deep cut will you learn

love is cruel strong defiant inevitable

beautiful in the flow of blood

from one to another

love does not come alone

my mother said

but it is often lonely

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