Drew Hillier

As a Reuters-trained journalist with over a quarter-of-a-century’s worth of working full-time in London across the press, broadcast and publishing sectors, Drew has variously launched, published and edited numerous successful magazines and periodicals. For five years he was editor of the UK’s most widely read financial markets monthly journal, FX&MM, during which time the highlight of Drew’s career (to date) occurred in securing one of the first UK interviews with the then newly-elected President Barack Obama at the global finance G20 London Summit of 2009.

Drew also published and edited Racing Days, a high-end, luxury brands lifestyle magazine dedicated to corporate clients attending the UK’s premier sporting events. In this role, Drew interviewed and wrote about many of the era’s leading sports personalities, commentators, politicians, business figures and musicians.

As well as the written word, Drew is a prolific front cover illustrator, with a tally in excess of 400 individual published pieces. These days, having relocated to Inverness in 2015 with his partner Trish, Drew is a regular contributor of both written and illustrative material to the world famous satirical magazine Private Eye. Tapping into a diverse range of interests, though with politics never out of arm’s reach, Drew’s thirty-year cartoon and caricature portfolio covers a plethora of trade and newsstand publications, including the Sunday Times, The Oldie, The European, Punch, Viz and a variety of sports magazines and business journals.

Drew has also written gags and sketches for a number of BBC Radio Light Entertainment comedy shows. But with his love of music foremost, Drew enjoys a long-standing relationship with Faber Music, for whom he has collaborated in the development of over a dozen best-selling music tutor and repertoire books for young people.

Drew continues to contribute to magazines, periodicals and private clients which reflect his areas of interest.

Drew is available for private commissions via www.drewhillier.com and drew.hillier@hotmail.co.uk