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Catherine Faulkner


Catherine is a poet and recent incomer to the Black Isle.  Her work is inspired by the formidable landscapes of Scotland, its coasts and waters and the interweaving of myth and legend throughout. She is also interested in the notion ‘otherness’ in literature and the perspective of the outsider. 

Having grown up in Southern France, Catherine moved to England at the age of 16. She studied English Literature at University and then spent 13 years working in Theatre and Arts Fundraising in London. After more than a decade in the city she was ready to abscond and headed as far away as possible.

Catherine also writes on food and drink and held a regular restaurant column for IN Covent Garden for over five years.

Her work has been published with Celebrating Change, Severine and Shared Stories Caingorms as well as the Wilfred Owen Association Journal.

Catherine can be found at:

Twitter @eatmywordsUK

Instagram @kittyflicks

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