Barbara Henderson

Inverness-based Barbara Henderson writes predominantly for children and is the author of historical novels Fir for Luck and Punch as well as eco-thriller Wilderness Wars, to be published in August 2018.


Her energetic school visits are increasingly taking her across the length and breadth of Scotland, and sometimes beyond. As a Drama teacher, she loves to get young people on their feet as they respond to stories.

‘Writing is like magic,’ she says. ‘I see something in my imagination, and I try to write it down as best I can. Young readers see these black marks on white paper and suddenly they see something too, feel something of their own. I cannot think of anything more special than that.’

She shares her home with three teenage children, one long-suffering husband and a scruffy Schnauzer. Her garden always ends up a wilderness, however hard she tries.

Find out more about Barbara and her writing at and follow her on Instagram (scattyscribbler) Twitter (@scattyscribbler) and Facebook at

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